Four-day circular ascent from the NE side of Olympus.

By choosing this route, we have the possibility to see the biggest part of the mountain, we manage not to pass by the same place and of course to climb to the top!


1st day.

The route starts from the position “Crossroads” (or otherwise position “Gortsia”) at approximately 1100m altitude. In 6 kilometers of walking with an Altitude Difference (LD) of about 900m, we come across the Petrostruga refuge. The time it takes is usually around 4 hours. The path in this part moves through a dense forest of beech and pine. The refuge of Petrostruga in a beautiful location with a wonderful view of the Aegean sea is fully organized and there is the possibility for food, hydration and rest/sleep.



2nd day.

On the second day the route initially continues on a path with trees (robola) but very soon they disappear as we enter the alpine field. To the Plateau of the Muses and the two shelters that exist there, we travel a distance of about 6 km with a height of 700 m. The time required is approximately 4.5 hours. On the plateau (2650m) we find the two highest shelters of Olympus (“Christos Kakkalos” and “Josos Apostolidis”) which are also fully organized. A little rest, food and hydration and in the afternoon just before sunset a walk to the nearby peak of the prophet Ilias (2803m) where there is also a church of the same name (highest church in the Balkans). Travel time approximately 20 minutes.


3rd day

The next day will be Summit day and descent to the refuge “Spilios Agapitos” at 2100m. The time to the top is about 3 hours. In this part each participant puts on the equipment (climbing belt, helmet) and is tied up with the Mountain Guide. After the summit is reached, we continue our course (4.5 km YD -900m) to the Refuge “S. Beloved”. The time to the shelter is 2 hours. In this part of the route we follow the Zonaria, a path that passes under the highest peaks of Olympus (Stefani, Mytikas, Skala) with a perfect view of the Enipea gorge, Litochoro and the sea.



4th day

Descent into civilization day. The last part of our route is in the beautiful gorge of Enipeas. From the shelter “S. Dear” we will arrive at Prionia location. We will need to travel 4.5 km with an altitude difference of 1000m. while the descent time is approximately 2.5 hours. From Prionia, there is the option to visit a pedestal with a large waterfall where the brave will take a cool dip in the crystal waters. Travel time 20 minutes.


Route difficulty 2/5

This particular program is not very demanding, it can be followed by people with moderate fitness, groups of small children, elderly people or people who just want to spend time in the mountains.


Period May – September.

The option to climb to the top of Olympus (Mytikas) is optional. You can cancel the climb at any time and continue your journey.

It includes the escort, the tour, the ascent to the top with a certified Mountain Guide (member of the Greek Mountain Guides Association – HMGA), the necessary equipment for the top (climbing belt, helmet, ropes and safety rings).

The Mountain Guide (expedition leader) has the right to cancel the ascent to the top of Mytikas if the weather conditions do not allow it for the safety of the participants.


Climb to the top with a certified Mountain Guide
Escort and tour
Summit equipment required (climbing harness, helmet, ropes and safety rings)






Διασταύρωση – Πετρόστρουγκα – Σκούρτα – Οροπέδιο – Μύτικας – Σ. Αγαπητός – Πριόνια


Μάιος – Σεπτέμβριος






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