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Extremepaths Small private groups

Extremepaths Small private groups

From June to October

Hours and days can differ depending on the participants, the season and the weather.

Detailed program:

Departure from Thessaloniki in the morning or we can arrange to meet in Litohoro in case you have your own vehicle

Climb (hiking) the mythical mountain of Olympus with Extremepath

Day 1

From the meeting point in Litohoro we go by car to the forest area of Gortsia, where our ascent begins. Gortsias is a forest area at about 1100 meters of altitude. The ascent follows the path Gortsia- Petrostruga- Muses Plateau. It takes about 3 hours to cover the six-kilometer distance with difference in elevation of about 900, to the refuge of Petrostruga. During our hiking we have the chance to admire the biodiversity of our National park.  The forest mainly consists of beeches, pines and firs. You will definitely be impressed by the fairytale Robola and by the variety of low vegetation and flowers. The shelter of Petrostrouga is fully organized and there is the possibility to eat, rest and even of an overnight stay if necessary. 

Then the route continues on a path with trees (robola) that soon disappear as we enter the alpine field. Up to the Muses Plateau and the refuge there, we cover a distance of about 6 km with a difference in elevation of about 700m, while the required time is about 3.5 hours. On the plateau (2650m of altitude) we find the refuge “Giosos Apostolidis” which is also fully organized. The shelter is simple but it really creates a strong sense of hospitality. The food is always delicious and the drinks will help you rewind

Day 2

The climb to Mytikas peak at an altitude of 2918 meters will take place on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday morning depending on the weather conditions and the mood of the team. The ascent will be done with the use of appropriate climbing safety equipment (helmet, climbing zone, rope) and the help of experienced guides and climbing instructors. The ascent to the top will take about 3 hours.

We will start our descent towards the refuge “Spilios Agapitos” (at 2100m) and from there to Prionia where we will find our vehicles. From the top to the Refuge “S. Agapitos” we will cover a distance of 4,5 kilometres with an altitude range of 900 metres. It will take about 2 hours. In this part of the route we follow the “Zonaria”, a path that passes under the highest peaks of Mount Olympus (Stefani, Mytikas, Skala) offering a perfect view of the gorge of Enipeas, Litochoro and the sea.

The last part of our route from the refuge of S. Agapitos to Prionia passes through the gorge of Enipeas. We will have to cover a distance of 4.5 kilometres, with an altitude difference of 1000m, while the total downhill time is about 4.5 hours.

At Prionia we will have the chance to enjoy a hearty and wonderful meal made with passion and in a cosy and wonderful environment. Return to Litochoro, full of beautiful memories.

The route is not recommended for people with musculoskeletal problems and people with fear of heights or acrophobia.

See you there.

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