9 July, 2023



Small private groups

Hiking duration: 2:30 hours

Total duration of activity: 4 hours

Difficulty level; easy

Activity for all seasons

Suitable for children

Every Monday and Friday

Hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (times can be adjusted depending on the group, season and weather. Groups in this activity are of 2 to 20 people.

The green peri-urban forest of Sheikh Suh gives us the opportunity for relaxing exercise and entertainment. The impressive view from the forest (the city of Thessaloniki, Thermaikos gulf, Mount Olympus, and the surrounding mountains) is really attractant for the visitors of Thessaloniki. Even though it is located close to Thessaloniki, the biodiversity of the forest is impressive. Cycling in combination with the picnic, in which you will taste local dishes, will surely cerate beautiful memories.

Detailed program

9:00 Gathering at the meeting point

9:30 We start the hiking

11:00 Lunch break with local dishes

11:30 We continue our hiking and we return to the starting point

12:30 Boarding on the Van

1:00 Return to meeting point


50€ per person

For children up to 12 years old: 25€

The price includes:

– Free transfer from Thessaloniki and return. (Our company has a 9-seater van for private use to serve customers)

1) Professional certificated driver

2) Certification of drivers in first aid

3) First aid kit

4) Backpack (by arrangement)

5) Water and local delicacies

6) Photo coverage

7) Legal taxes

8) Liability insurance

Necessary equipment

1) Sports shoes

2) Sunglasses

3) dry feet t-shirt

4)  change of outfit

5) Windproof or waterproof jacket

6) Elastic pants, leggings

Activities may be canceled by our company in case of adverse weather conditions and be rescheduled or refunded.




1. Reservations – deposits – cancellations:
a) Cancellation up to fifteen (15) days before the start of your activity:
refund entire deposit, minus tax.
b) Cancellation up to seven (7) days before the start of your activity: refund of half the amount of deposit, minus tax
c) Cancellation less than sex (6) days before the start of your activity the company retains the right to keep the entire amount of deposit

2. In the event of a change in the date of your reservation by EXTREMEPATHS or adverse weather conditions, the participants can accept the change in date or can cancel their participation receiving a refund of any amount deposited (minus tax) without any other claim.

3. Change in plans by the participants:
Any change (date, number of participants, etc.) is considered a cancellation.
The general terms of reservations – deposits – cancellations can change in certain activities due to particularities. In each of these, the company is obligated to report the changes otherwise the above terms apply.

4. Photography – video recording of participants:
During the activities the participants are photographed and video recorded. This material is the property of EXTREMEPATHS and may be used in all its promotions (documents, website, social media, etc.). In the event that you do not wish to appear in the company’s promotions you must send your request in writing by the end of your activity.

5. Personal items of participants:
EXTREMEPATHS does not hold any responsibility for the loss, destruction, deterioration and any other damage may occur to personal items which belong to the participants and which are brought by them during the activity. The responsibility is exclusively the participants’.

6. Despite being issued the best equipment, activities in nature contain the danger of accident and participation in these presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of such danger.

7. EXTREMEPATHS does not hold any responsibility for your activities. It is responsible to issue complete and safe equipment and experienced guides and liability insurance and is limited to this only.

8. Each of our customers waives any and all claims on their behalf or on behalf of a third party, criminal or civil liability against the business or against any associate of ours, for negligence or other responsibility in case of accident (physical harm, death, etc.)

9. All our activities are performed with a mandatory presence of our associates for your safety.

10. The customer is responsible to sign the affirmation of participation before the start of the activity.

11. The customer is responsible to report any health issues, either chronic or not and if they are taking any medications.

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