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It’s time for you to take your first steps on the vertical wall of the climbing slope that your friends often visit or that you have seen in your neighborhood. You have decided to join a climbing club for amateurs or experts. The first thing that you will need is a pair of climbing shoes. With all this variety in climbing shoes you must feel completely lost! What should you choose? We can help you clear your ideas and make the right decision.

Forget about shopping on line. If you go shopping with an expert climber or there is one working at the shop, your problem is solved. However, most of the shop assistants at shops of climbing and hiking equipment aren’t climbers. You don’t need to buy something too expensive or complex. Your lack of experience and steady step will destroy it fast. In addition, you won’t need it since the fields that you will start on are easy.

There isn’t a good or a bad shoe. Each shoe was designed for a different kind of rock, of climbing or foot. An excellent shoe for someone may be a bad shoe for you. This is why big brands present a great range of shoes, according to people and their needs. You have to decide what you like and what you need most.

The shoe must fit you perfectly. It must be neither tight nor loose. Your big toe must be positioned on the top of the shoe. The tip of buying the smallest shoe that you can wear is absolutely wrong. If you suffer from pain, you won’t be able to focus on climbing, to learn the technique and enjoy climbing. It is more likely that you will quit climbing because of the pain. Your foot is not used to such strain. You must be able to wear it at least for five minutes when you will try it on at the shop. Keep in mind that you aren’t looking for a sleeper either. If your aim is to climb walls or fields, then you need something soft and tighter. If you like high rocks and mountaineering fields, then your shoe must be comfortable and firm. Leather shoes will stretch out more than those made of fabric or gum. You can choose shoes with laces or Velcro. It makes no difference. The color of the shoe is important if you want to take good pictures of your shelf.

We hope we helped you. Have a great time climbing

See you there.

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